Saturday, July 16, 2011

Well, I did comb my hair.....

You know, I love the summer sun as much as the next guy, but I can also dig an excuse to stay in and just veg. So not too bummed about the clouds. B left at 715 for an all-day training at the union; S & I dropped J off for a 25 mile bike ride with the scouts....then we came home and put our pjs back on (well, I did - S never got out of hers!).....Now it's getting ready for the grand-parental units to come over tomorrow, movies, Spongebob, Smurfs, laundry and chillin' like villians!
A few upcoming topics: banning Captain Underpants books (I know, right??); apparently the art of compromise is lost on EVERYONE in politics; why does every song on the top 40 station have to include swearing and references to sex? Yeah, sing THAT, 8 yr old girls....
Whatever you are up to today, enjoy! (And get your hand out of your pants!!)

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