Tuesday, July 12, 2011

That would be a great slogan for a shoe company...

One of the reasons I started this blog was to kind of force some personal accountabilty......put some external pressure on following through on commitments I had made to myself - not to some one else, but ME. We make a big deal out of teaching our kids to do what they tell other people they are going to do....what about the stuff we tell ourselves we are going to do, hmmmm?

Some of you know that I had been thinking about making a blog for a long time. But I just couldn't get started. I was plagued by "What will I write about? Will people think I am funny or uninformed? What if no one reads it?" What if, what if, what if...... finally one day I just told myself to stop "what-if-ing" and sh*& or get off the pot ...ten minutes later I had pizzaisnolongermyfriend....and it was totally easy! So easy in fact, that I really wonder what took me so long!

(Does that mean I sh*&? eww. I need a different analogy. That's just gross.)

Since blogging worked out so well (at least the getting started part), now I'm thinking about other things I have "always wanted to do", and I've started the ball rolling on a couple projects: a) write a kids book and b) run a half marathon. I've started an outline for the book, and already have an illustrator lined up (thanks Mom!!). And yes, I have started getting fit so I can run again. (Contrary to popular belief, you should get fit to run, and then run to stay fit...Can I get an amen?)

There are a lot of other things I want to do - here are a few:
Audition for the Singing Christmas Tree
Join Mensa
Visit the desert in Maine
See the ruins of the Lindsay castle on The Isle of Man
Volunteer at the library

I guess this is kind of a bucket list - but not things that I want to do before I die, just stuff I want to do....so what should I call it? LOL - how 'bout an STD list (Sh&^ To Do)..... I LIKE IT!

So, what's on your STD list? Post it below, and we can help keep eachother motivated....what is it they say? Oh yeah - just do it!! :)

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