Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Random Thoughts & a Book Review...Sort Of...

I have been reading a TON of teenager fiction lately. Most of it about vampires, faeries and werewolves. (Thank you, Stephenie Meyer.)

Teen fiction, or "juvenile fiction" as Madame Librarian calls it, is great because it's not too deep (or deep at all), it doesn't try to teach life lessons or make a statement about societal mores. In other words, these books are just plain entertainment. And frankly, I am far too lazy to think very hard so I love me some teen angst and paranormal drama!

Right now, I am on book seven of the House of Night series by the mother/daughter team of P.C. and Kristen Cast (don't ask me what P.C. stands for. It must be bad if she goes by the initials). Titled "Burned", this book is really focused on the characters actively making the choice to be good or evil, despite their origins. As usual, my brain went off on a tangent and wants to know the answer to this sort-of-related-but-not-quite question:

If good is the opposite of bad, how can it still qualify as the opposite of evil? Assuming evil is an elevated level of bad, shouldn't there be an elevated level of good? Is there, and I just don't know? Gasp - Lil Miss Big Brain Vocabulary doesn't know a word!!??? (That was for you Allan!)

Check out the books here, and enlighten me, People!

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