Thursday, April 23, 2015

Cheaty McCheaterpants

Ok, so maybe I didn't keep up with the blogging like I said I would.  But I certainly kept up (better) with the eating.  Come to find out, eating clean-ish isn't really that hard.  And when you consider the workouts on the 21 Day Quick Start from Beats Per Minute Fitness are only around thirty minutes each, that was pretty easy to keep up with too!

Overall, I am DAMN happy with the results.  I went to a huge shindig for work last weekend and had to wear a formal dress - thanks to the workouts and eating better, I actually had to choose from more than one!  And that hasn't happened in a looooooooong time.  Usually it's a matter of what covers everything up the best - this time, I had some attributes I wanted to accentuate!

My next event is Red Dress on May 16.  I will be finishing up this week on my own, and I plan to start Phase 2 of the Quick Start on the 4th....wish me luck!  You might even get some before/after pics!!!

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